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EBB Release Notes

This document details the version history of the EBB (EiBotBoard).

v2.0.1 — 9/13/10

Bug fix - on v1.1 EBB hardware, need to disable RB0 alt pause button. Switched it to RB2 on v1.1 hardware.

v2.0.2 — 10/3/10

Bug fix - QC command not returning proper results - added cast and now works OK.

v2.1.0 — 10/21/10

v2.1.1 — 11/21/10

v2.1.1cTest1 — 01/17/11

Added third parameter to SP command to use any PortB pin for servo output. (For this version only - used PortB2 as standard servo output.)

v2.1.1d — 02/11/11

v2.1.2 — 11/04/11

v2.1.3 — 12/12/11

v2.1.4 — 12/14/11

RB3 now defaults to OFF, rather than ON, at boot.

v2.1.5 — 12/15/11

Fixed problem with pen servo (RB1) being inverted on boot

v2.2.0 — 11/07/12

Fixed problem with SP command not working properly with ports other than RB1 because we don't properly use S2 commands for SP up/down within ISR. Tested on all PortB.

v2.2.1 — 09/19/13

v2.2.2 — 10/15/13

v2.2.3 — 01/11/14

Rewrote analog system so we don't have problems with QC commands anymore. New command AC.

v2.2.4 — 04/28/14

v2.2.5 — 04/29/14

v2.2.6 — 01/01/15

Added 'QM' command - Query Motor, tells PC what is moving.

v2.2.7 — 08/13/15

Added 'ES' command, which will immediately abort any SM command but leave the motors energized. (E-stop) It returns "1" if it aborted a move in progress, "0" otherwise. It will also delete any pending SM command in the FIFO.

v2.2.8 — 08/14/15

Corrected error checking in SM command to accurately reflect too fast and too slow requests. (>25K or <1.31 steps per second)

v2.2.9 — 08/18/15

Added extra values to output of ES command to indicate how many steps were aborted.

v2.3.0 — 08/28/15

Added new XM command as per issue #29 for driving mixed-axis geometry machines.

v2.4.0 — 03/14/16

Added new AM command for using accelerated stepper motion. Includes going to 32 bit accumulators in ISR to achieve necessary resolution, which includes changes to SM command as well. Also added "CU,2,0" to turn of SM command parameter checking for speed.

NOTE: AM command may not be quite 'right' yet. Although it has passed simple tests, it could not be made to reliably work from the Inkscape plugin, so it is not currently being used. It may have to change in future versions of this firmware.

v2.4.1 — 08/08/16

2.4.2 — 08/10/16

2.4.3 — 11/07/16

2.4.4 — 11/16/16

2.4.5 — 01/07/17

2.5.0 — 01/14/17

2.5.1 — 01/18/17

2.5.2 — 07/07/17

2.5.3 — 07/09/17

2.5.4 — 01/06/18

2.5.5 — 07/06/18

2.5.6 — 07/13/18

2.6.0 — 09/08/18

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